GX Series Planetary Gear Reducer

  • Product Name: GX Series Planetary Gear Reducer
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  • Company Name: Shandong Guomao Guotai Reducer Co., Ltd.
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Characteristics of product:

GX series modular planetary gear reducers have highly modular design. The rated output torque ranges from 22KN.m to 2600KN.m, ratio ranges from 25 to 4000.       

This type planetary gear reducers adopts high strength modular cast iron, the involutes planetary gear transmission with inner mesh, outer mesh and divided power employed reasonably. Gears and gear shafts are finished with gas carburizing, quenching, and precise grounding process.

It is widely used in industries such as metallurgy, mining, hoisting and transportation, electrical power, energy resources, construction and building materials, light industry and traffic industry.

GX Series E-sample file to download
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