ZL Shaft Coupling

  • Product Name: ZL Shaft Coupling
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Product details

The coupling, which transmits the torque through the longitudinal section shear strength of PA stick, is suitable for the connection of coaxial driving shaft systems, it can transmit a wide range of torque: 100~50,000N•m, with operating temperature: -20~ +70℃. It can partially take the place of cog-wheel coupling. The coupling can make certain compensation for the offset between the shafts and provide normal shock absorption; it is suitable for the use in a condition without noise control requirement.
There are ZL type (for the normal cylinder axis holes) and ZLD type (for tapered bore at one end), attention shall be paid in the selection.

Limited compensation
Axial ±1.5~5mm
Radial 0.3~1.5mm
Angle 0.5°

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