MBY Series Cement Mill Drive Gearbox

  • Product Name: MBY Series Cement Mill Drive Gearbox
  • Product Categories: MBY Series Edge Driving Speed Reducer for Cement Mill
  • Company Name: Shandong Guomao Guotai Reducer Co., Ltd.
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Product details
MBY series of cement mill drive gear with a marginal
1, the characteristics of gear
MBY series single-stage reducer with hardened gears, precision gears 6. Moment of the series reducer range from 400 to 1100 (using the specifications for the center distance of more 630 ~ 1000), a total of 10 specifications, the transmission ratio range: 4 ~ 7.1, Q235-A steel box with welding.
Reducer in the design of the series, the full account of the large cement industry input power, large output torque, low speed impact loading serious, continuous operation and other severe conditions. Makes the series reducer fully meet the cement mill, coal mill and other work requirements of cylindrical grinding. As the work environment dusty gear, body surface is easy to gather more dust, small cabinet, cabinet surface heat capacity is limited. Therefore, the gear in use requires the use of forced lubrication and cooling measures to ensure the normal operation of gear
2, the gear assembly in the form
Gear assembly designed six forms: The first and the second most common type of assembly in the form of models, it uses a dual-input, single output structure. Connect one end of the input shaft of the main motor, the other end auxiliary drive gear, and cement mill output by coupling the pinion shaft; the third and fourth type of assembly in the form also used at this time, the main motor with double shaft structure, the motor shaft terminating an auxiliary transmission gear, the other a termination MBY shaft reducer input shaft; the fifth, sixth type of assembly in the form not used in the cement industry.
3 reducer lubrication
Lubrication of gear lubrication with pressure oil, the oil pressure was maintained at between 0.1 ~ 0.4MPa, ensure that all lubrication points to obtain the amount of lubricant required for the design. Part of the tooth, with evenly arranged along the direction of more than a long gear oil hole, facing the spray gear mesh area, making the gear tooth surface in uniform oil to produce a film and take away the heat generated by tooth contact .
4 sealed gear reducer
In the design of the outer end of each bearing a return hole, lubricant from the bearing rolling elements between the outflow through the back hole back to slow down box. Input and output shaft dipped in oil most of the carbon cover asbestos fibers turned back, a small amount of carbon flowing through the asbestos fibers, the cover in a trench inside the orifice back to slow down. Therefore, a reliable seal the series reducer
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