CW series worm gear reducer

  • Product Name: CW series worm gear reducer
  • Product Categories: Worm Gear Speed Reducer
  • Company Name: Shandong Guomao Guotai Reducer Co., Ltd.
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Product details

Arc cylindrical worm gear drive with single-stage worm gear, industry-recommended standards JB/T7935-95 (the original national standard GB9147-88), the nineties this standard to meet international standards. Full range of total includes three models, the center distance of 16, 12 ratio. Input power range between 0.39 ~ 189KW, the output torque at between 107 ~ 13500N.m.
Arc cylindrical worm shaft can be positive and negative work in both directions, the input speed of not more than 1500r/min, the working environment temperature of -40 to 40 degrees. When the working environment temperature is below 0 degrees, the oil must be heated before starting to 0 degrees; when the working temperature is below 40 degrees, cooling measures must be taken.
Second, the model, center distance, the transmission ratio, labeled sample, the main dimensions
1, the model, the center distance
This series of gear, including:
CWU-worm in the worm under the arc cylindrical worm gear;
CWS-worm in the worm side of the arc of the cylindrical worm gear;
CWO-worm in the worm on top of the arc cylindrical worm gear;
Three models and a = 63 ~ 500mm, 16 种 center distance.

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