VF Series Worm Reducer

  • Product Name: VF Series Worm Reducer
  • Product Categories: Worm Gear Speed Reducer
  • Company Name: Shandong Guomao Guotai Reducer Co., Ltd.
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  • Add Time: 15/12/18
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Product details
This machine with hin wall pattern radiator and design viastatic structure is cast by compression with high-quality aluminum alloy,which has the advances and features as follows: 
1.Compact structure,light size,small and high efficiency 
2.Good function of heat exchange ,rapid heat rejection 
3.Easy installation and flexible and connecting style. 
4.large in both transmissio ratio and twisting distance resulting to high capacity of bearing and loading. 5.stable operation,little noise,long lasting 
VF Series Worm ReducerProduct sales in the city:China,Shandong,Zhejiang,Guangdong,Jiangsu,Hangzhou
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