ZLYJ Series Plastic Extruder Gearbox

  • Product Name: ZLYJ Series Plastic Extruder Gearbox
  • Product Categories: ZLYJ Series Single Screw Gear Reducer
  • Company Name: Shandong Guomao Guotai Reducer Co., Ltd.
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Product details
ZLYJ series speed reducer is a transmission part that possesses high precision hard gear surface and thrust block designed for plastic screw extruder. The design of product adapts all kinds of norm specified in ZBJ19009-88/ it features that gear and axis parts are made of high strength alloy steel. The gear is processes by carburization, quenching and tooth grinding process. The precision of gear is grade 6 specified in GB10095-88. The hardness of gear surface is HRC54~62. At front end of hollow input axis there is large specification thrust bearing that will bear axial thrust force while the screw is working. The complete machine features compact, high in bearing capacity, stable in transmission, low noise, high efficiency, etc. 
speed reducer type
ZLYJ112、133、146、173、200、225、250、280、315、330、375、420、450; SJY224、250、280、315; ZSYJ315、375、395、420、450、560;6E、7E、8E、9E、10E、12E、15E、JHMTill various, plastic rubber industry is special-purpose speed reducer(May have various mistake bid heavy section made to order speed reducer)。
Hold series code name , specification number , transmission ratio , assemble a pattern in the machine reducing the speed in the type. Mark gives a demonstration
ZLYJ 255 - 12.5 - I (II、III、IV、V、VI、VII、VIII) 
The nominal velocity ratio of series code name specification number assembles the machine reducing the speed pattern

ZLYJ Series E-sample file to download

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