GR Series Helical Geared Motor

  • Product Name: GR Series Helical Geared Motor
  • Product Categories: R•S•K•F Series Helical Geared Motor
  • Company Name: Shandong Guomao Guotai Reducer Co., Ltd.
  • Model Specifications: GR GRF GRX GRXF GRM GR..SZ..AD GR..R
  • Product Usage: Food industry, Water treatment, cranes and hoists
  • Product Price: ¥Negotiable
  • Add Time: 15/12/18
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Product details

1.                GR Series Helical Geared Motor


Gearing Arrangement: Helical

Output Torque: top to 36,000 N.m

Rated Power: 0.12~160 Kw

Input Speed: 750~3,000 Rpm

Output Speed: 0.05~809 Rpm

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Model Number: GR17~GR177,GRF17~GRF177

Brand Name: GUOMAO

Product name: GR series helical geared motors for power transmission

Color: Customer Request

Material: Cast Iron

Certification: ISO9001:2008

Output Form: Solid Shaft Hollow Shaft

Mounting position: Flange Mounted foot mounted

Input Form: Connected

Application: mining cement sugar conveyor industry

Heat treatment: Quenching

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

GR17 series flange heavy duty ac helical geared motors power transmission gearbox 
Small size: standard export packing (carton and pallet);
Big size: fumigated wood carton or non-wood packing material carton.
round shaft mounted gearbox

Delivery Detail: About 1 month

R series  ac helical geared motors power transmission gearboxearbox

Product Description



GR Series speed reducer

Power range:0.12—200KW

Transmission ration range:1.3—33000

Output torque(Kn.m):top to 50




1.         Highly Standard Modular Designed

2.        Quality material ensures the product reliability

3.        High Strength,Compact Dimension

4.        Long Service Life

5.        Low Noise

6.        High Efficiency

7.        Large radial loading ability

8.        Axial load ability of up to 5% of radial load





Output speed


Nominal Power







Hot Sell

GR Series

China Speed

Reducer For

Electric Motor

with high quality








































Top to 6500







Application examples

1.         Belt conveyor drives

2.         Bucket elevator drives

3.         Agitator drives

4.         Hoisting gear drives

5.        Travelling gear drives

6.        Paper machine drives

7.        Dryer drives

8.        Water screw drives

Packaging & Shipping

Safety Packing Method : 

1.Inside :Plastic bags with Chemical Desiccant For Gear Housing  
2.Middle :Individual Carton packaging  
3. Outside :Wooden Box 



After-Sales Service

1.more than 20 years production experience.

2.being a manufacturer, we are mush sure of the products' quality, delivery time.

3.professional engineers for your design, drawing.

4.the warranty period is 12 moth.

 Contact: Marcia

Skype: marcia19860307

GR Series E-sample file to download

GR Series Helical Geared MotorProduct sales in the city:China,Shandong,Zhejiang,Guangdong,Jiangsu,Hangzhou
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