An assembly and lean production line (B line) Guomao Lide company successfully completed and put into operation soon

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Under the Guomao group various departments cooperate closely and Lide soldiers together, on November 20, Guomao Lide assembly shop B line officially completed installation and began to trial operation.

The assembly line B, a total investment of more than 200 million yuan, lasted 60 days successfully completed, the main assembly series 77-97 models of helical gear reducer motor, is expected to 2014 the production line at least 40000 units, then the whole assembly workshop mounted machine total of up to 13 million units. Can say, the Guomao Lide assembly line B to be completed and put into operation, will greatly enhance the G series Guomao reducer motor product market competitiveness, accelerate the Guomao group 2 times to do poineering work on the rapid pace of development.