Make 18 sets of two tons of planetary gear reducer successfully developed the successful delivery of customers

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Guomao group technology R & D center by careful research and development, manufacturing bipartite lean manufacturing of a weighing 18 tons, more than two meters long, 2 meters, 1.8 meters in diameter GX3KGBBH34-1250-B522-96 module of the planetary gear reducer, a successful assembly and commissioning, and July 25 morning, smooth loading and delivered to the customer. According to the two minister Chen Zhiyong in the field of the publication of this publication, which is the Department since the construction of a maximum of a reducer, and the same type of reducer, there are 7 in the back of the manufacturing assembly.

The understanding, in the process of research and development of such a large number of planetary gear reducer, Guomao technology team to take full advantage of the group had developed the design results of the standard speed reducer, and for building materials industry, the development of large reducer has mature design, manufacture technology and experience, with advanced Creo 3D design software, model building, lean on the speed reducer drive at all levels than distribution, levels of transmission parts, materials and heat treatment, stress and bearing life of detailed analysis calculation, detailed simulation of power checking and motion simulation by, through layers of optimization design and successful. At the same time, in the production of manufacturing, strict process, using advanced processing equipment and strict production, processing, assembly process of lean manufacturing; strictly control the quality, the full use of advanced detection equipment quality inspection and supervision.