Guomao series reducer products got hot"

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By Guomao group lean development, have complete independent intellectual property rights of a GMLX60-02 vertical mill reducer, after the completion of the assembly, a load test of the success. After testing, the performance indicators have reached or exceeded the design requirements. December 16, 2013, the speed reducer has been successfully loaded and send customer units.

Weighing 17.5 tons, input power is 600 kW of the vertical mill reducer, another notable feature is under the disc bearing the rolling friction. According to the test results, compared with the use of sliding friction pairs, the mechanical efficiency is significantly increased by more than 10%. The deceleration is manufacturing, show that the series of Guomao reducer products and got a big "upstart", which will for the second time in Guomao business development provide strong new impetus.

According to Guomao technology expert engineer Zhang introduction, this vertical mill reducer, fully rely on existing resources of enterprise, the full integration of the latest achievements of modern gear design and manufacturing, equipped with one of the world's most advanced hydraulic and lubrication technology, and multiple safety protection, full automatic detection of measurement and control technology, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic integration safety control and real-time operation support system to ensure the reliable operation of large hydrostatic bearing and gear transmission.