Guomao developed a new type of mill special speed reducer for the smooth delivery of customers

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In February 27th, a group of new special type of rolling mill special speed reducer for Xi'an, which successfully made, and passed the customer acceptance.
Because the reducer used in a particular copper rolling equipment, design requirements of high, manufacturing task is heavy, and the delivery time is tight. Therefore, to schedule quality and quantity to complete the order. At that time, although home for the Spring Festival in taste more and more thick, but technical and manufacturing four, six, seven soldiers, still meditation attention, overtime, coordinated operations.
         Provisions of the busy period, touching is the group of the relevant departments concerted effort with technical department to the fastest speed, ahead of the completion of the whole set of technical scheme and product drawings design work, and the technical scheme obtains the customer approval, only three days time, efficient completion of the drawings, and making four, six and seven in the first time carefully organize production, separately, orderly, excellence, assembly, testing, each process is then done meticulous, eventually, in the contract period, to overcome the heavy storm, successfully completed the mission to develop successfully delivered to the customer.